Best Nikon D3400 bundle accessories

The D3400 is the modernized version of the D3300. It is entry-level computerized SLR camera intended for ILC shooters for the very first time and each one of the individuals who are prepared to move from their smartphones to a further developed shooting platform.

The camera has the same 24-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor as its antecedent, an “EXPEED 4” picture processor, 2. Full HD video recording and 3. An 11-point self-adjust system. If you are searching for Nikon D3400 accessories. Below you will find the ideal accessories if you need to enhance the quality of your pictures or search for accessories that facilitate your profession as a photographer.

Nikon D3400 bundle with lenses

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1. A battery

The Nikon D3400 as of now has an amazingly long battery life (but due to the decreased flash power), it is always beneficial to carry an extra battery if you’re intending to travel long trips, weddings, and essential sessions.

2. The wireless remote shutter control

In the event that you are taking photos at night, fireworks or some other kind of photography in which you will be required to use a slower shade speed and cannot keep your finger continually on the screen, a remote control truly makes life simpler for you. It enables you to be more accurate at moderate screen speeds.

3. Disc reflectors

Light is one of the essential factors for any photograph, and the more you manage it, the more possibilities you need to take proficient and quality photographs. Other times it uses an external flash, however some other times it reflects the accessible light in specific regions of the object.


The Nikon D3400 is a decent execution camera for a lot of people who are starting with DSLR photography. Its body is very small and light and its accessories are the same as its antecedent. Its picture and video quality are additionally more than acceptable, and with its extra advantage of raw preparing of the camera, you can clean your creations and effectively for quick use.

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