What Accessories to Include in the Canon 70D Bundle?

The Canon 70D camera equipped with it new features such as the pixel count of 20.2MP and customizable settings produces high-quality images.

Canon EOS 70D bundle

The advantage of getting the best Canon EOS 70D bundle is that its accessories are compatible with all Canon DSLRs and are cost effective. Once you acquire a Canon 70D, then your career as a photographer is simplified.

The following accessories are must-have in any Canon 70D bundle and can make your work easier in any working environment:

Canon 70D battery

A spare battery for your Canon camera will save you if you are traveling long distances or traveling to the interior, say, forest. Once you have a spare battery, you are in a position to change your battery in case your camera runs short of power.

LP-E6 is the best battery recommended to be used in the Canon 70D camera for it allows users to shot hundreds of photos. The battery lasts for a long period of time.

External storage device

A memory card of about 32GB can help you in case your cameras internal storage is filled up. Though most canon memory cards are made with high capacities, there are times when they become full.

Tripod stand

The stand gives you a chance to set your camera and stay relaxed as you follow the proceedings of the event you are covering.

The tripod and monopod stand is therefore important accessories you should have as a canon user.

Monopod stands are mainly used in places where light rays are not reaching the lens of the camera.

Flash Speedlite

This is an important accessory that a photographer should not miss when taking photographs. As the name photo implies light, so be it the speed lite that improves the quality of your photographs. They can also help you in the modification of the direction and increase the amount of light in your images.

Remote control

This is an accessory that helps you in controlling shutter speeds particularly during night shooting and you are unable to keep your finger on the shutter button.

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Canon 70D accessories